Facelift massage is one of the many techniques that bills itself as a non-surgical facelift technique

A facelift massage is a type of massage that is intended to elevate sagging tissues, smooth wrinkles, and overall give you a more youthful appearance. It typically targets hollows under the eyes (tear trough), and facial folds like nasolabial lines or parentheses lines. In the procedure, you will be given a facial, usually with a mask, but sometimes just using rubbing. There will be exfoliation, and most practices offer a hot towel as well. Massage will be performed on the face, but also usually on the hands, feet, shoulders, and elsewhere. The facelift massage is supposed to tighten the skin, invigorate the muscles, and improve lymphatic drainage to remove toxins that contribute to an aged appearance.



Introductory* AED 165
Regular Price AED 365
6 Sessions AED 1,485
12 Sessions AED 2,699
Duration 30 mins

*Introductory session is for you to learn about this massage & to experience its benefits

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