If you are considering a facial treatment then we would love to have you visit our center and learn about options available for you.

Our focus is results and your comfort. We have done extensive research on treatment options available for you, and we carefully combined them with the leading brand offered by Jan Marini.

  • a recognized leader and innovator in skin care,
  • committed to providing innovative technologies that deliver proven measurable results
  • offering a Skin Care Management System that dramatically transforms your skin to better conditions,
  • It has been voted “The Best Skin Care System” for three years in a row in New Beauty Magazine’s Annual Beauty Choice Awards.

Acne ♠ Fine Lines & Wrinkles ♣ Hyper pigmentation Rosace or Redness

1 | Cleanse

2 | Rejuvenate

3 | Resurface

4 | Hydrate

5 | Protect

Our cleansers encourage a soft, smooth and more refined skin texture. Vitamin C & DMAE Complex improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin firmness and create a lifted, radiant look. Dynamic ingredients target textural concerns and provide multifaceted resurfacing benefits. A second resurfacing product can be applied to improve the appearance of pigmentation and sun damage. Versatile solution regulates moisture content, guards against inflammation and greatly enhances skin rejuvenation. Broad spectrum UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Microscopic sponge encapsulation system provides a silky matte surface that does not feel heavy or oily.
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Professional Skin Therapist;

Machka’s experienced therapist understand your skin and have years of experience addressing facial skin problems.  Our customers value their services and opinion and they love what they do.  

Acne Treatment Facials

Trust Machka’s Acne treatments and start seeing results.

  • None noninvasive,
  • Has NO adverse effects on liver & other organs when compared to oral pharmaceutical acne treatments.
  • Safe and does not leave any scarring.
Anti Aging Facials
  • Anti Aging Aging is a natural process and accordingly our skin decays with time. The rate of decay depends on our genetic structure and exposure to external damaging factors such as Sun, Sand, wind, heat, chemicals…etc.
  • We can correct some of the damage that has already occurred such as fine lines, age spots, sun damage. At the same time we can provide you with the tools to help slow down the skin decaying process, by protecting your skin and nourishing it with minerals and the moisture it needs.
Fine Lines Facials
Skin Pigmentation Facials
Rosacea & Redness Facials
  • You can trust that we care to understand your needs and concerns.
  • Our staff are well trained and their focus is to work with you to provide a treatment that will bring you the results you desire in the shortest amount of time possible.

To benefit, you will need to have series of treatments. We are not aware of a single facial treatment available on the market today that can bring you results! Don’t waist your time and efforts on single treatments. If you need results, then expect preparation and multiple treatments. Our promise to you is to educate you about your skin condition and if we have a solution to offer, then we will be happy to present it to you at a reasonable price.

Consultations at Machka are always free… You can contact us at +97143288800 to schedule an appointment or you can fill the request for consultation form above. We promise to get back to you within 24hrs.

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