Custom Fitted 100% Natural Hair Extensions

Longer and thicker instantly

Natural Hair Extensions Dubai - Custom fit, all styles, colors and lengths

Custom Fitted 100% Natural Hair Extensions

Why Should Your Trust Machka With Hair Extensions

  • We only offer Natural Hair extensions
  • Our Hair stylist have more than 40 years combined experience
  • Quality is our slogan
  • We offer Keratin, Stickers and custom clip on hair pieces
  • Custom colors are available with highlights
  • We know that happy customers always generate referral

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Hair Extensions Fixation Methods

Clip on Hair Extensions

Clip on hair extensions can be used for special day occasions, or short period of time.  They can enhance your hairstyle and overall cosmetic look.  This no-commitment alternative to other extension methods—i.e. Keratin bonding or stickers. They produce beautiful, but temporary, results when you use the high-quality, 100% human hair extensions from Machka.

Clip on Hair extensions always look best when done by a skilled salon professionals. We do customs clip-in extension system; fittings, color, style, length and we make sure that the metal snap clips are already sewn on to the wefts and easily snap open and clip onto your hair near the root.

Invest in a proper fitted hair extension clip on systems for Machka

Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

Fusion Keratin pre-bonded natural hair extensions come in individual bonds with the tip made of keratin. Keratin is a hair protein. The good thing about having such extensions put in is that your hair is feeding off the keratin while it is bonded to it. At installation, the natural keratin bonded hair extensions strands are bonded to your hair close to the roots.

Keratin Hair extensions are permanent, and typically require repositioning after your hair has grown few inches. The same hair extensions can be removed and rebounded again or you can keep them for a later on refitting. A typical Keratin full head installation will require 120 to 150 strands. Protect your hair investment. We know hair extensions like no others.

Stick on Hair Extensions

Sticker hair extensions are held together by a thin keratin tip or weft to an adhesive tape. The hair extension is attached by removing the sticker tape and applying the extension directly on to your hair close to your hair scalp. We use the most advanced and versatile stickers on market to day that allow easy bonding, removal and rebonding.

This method usually takes less than an hour for a full head application. They are great for special occasions or for permanent solutions.  Typically the sticker hair extensions can be removed and reused again.  If you require a permanent solution, then you need to maintain your hair sticker extensions every 2 to 3 months by visiting our professionals where they will remove the stickers, apply new ones and repositions them.

This is also a perfect way to add a single strand of fun or fantasy hair color to your hair.


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