Whether you’re an apple or a pear, we know that every person is different when it comes to weight loss – which is why we’ve created a range that will target your individual problem areas with a program that is non-invasive, pain free and unique to you.

Hypoxi Device

The S120

Your Problem : The Lower Stomach, Hips, Buttocks and Thigh Read More

The L250

Your Problem : Lower Stomach, Hips, Buttocks and Thighs. Read More

The Vacunaut

Your Problem : The Stomach and Hips Read More


Your problem : Serious cellulite, cottage cheese thighs or puffy skin Read More

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The S120

Ideal for :

  • Fit people looking to target those last stubborn kilos
  • Active recovery – from training sessions, race or game meets
  • Women with stubborn cellulite or localized fat deposits
  • Women and men who suffer from fluid retention
  • People looking for an alternative low impact exercise that gets results

Through the application of gentle negative and positive vacuum pressure while you exercise, you’ll supercharge your workout to specifically target stubborn fat and reduce cellulite around the hips, buttocks and thighs.
Every S120 client has their own personalized program which is closely monitored via heart rate and thermo sensors. The best part is sessions are quick and easy – only 30 minutes in length – which means there’s no need to slog it out for hours at the gym to see great results. It’s no wonder UK celebrity Cheryl Cole purchased her own S120 to keep her fantastic figure in shape.

A recent university study concluded that Hypoxi S120 users can lose as much as 270% more subcutaneous fat in the targeted area than that lost through regular exercise.

The L250

Ideal for :

  • Pear-shaped women
  • Women with cellulite or localized fat deposits
  • Mums struggling to lose baby weight
  • Women and men who do not enjoy the gym but want results
  • Women looking to get in shape for that special day

Did you know almost 85% of women say that they find it hardest to lose weight from the lower abdominal area, the hips and thighs? Women are predisposed to store fat in these areas to aid the body during pregnancy. The L250 targets fat and cellulite around the hips, buttocks and thighs, by applying advanced vacuum therapy to these specific areas during the session.
The L250 is perfect for all fitness levels, even those who have not exercised for some time and are finding it hard to get active again.

If you consider yourself a pear shaped woman, the L250 is for you. Empirical studies show that L250 users can achieve up to 3 times greater circumference loss around the hips, buttocks and thighs than that achieved with conventional exercise.


Ideal for :

  • Apple shaped women with excess fat around the stomach and waist
  • Men wanting to rid of their “beer belly”
  • Women struggling to lose their “baby weight”
  • Post-menopausal women looking to target stomach fat
  • Defining abs for professional or amateur competition
  • Women wanting to regain their hourglass shape

Battling a beer belly or your post-baby weight gain? Applying HYPOXI technology, the Vacunaut system is designed to specifically target fat around the stomach and hip region.
The central feature of the Vacunaut is the complex network of 122 integrated pressure chambers which get to work on those stubborn areas of your midsection while you exercise. No more than a brisk walk and you’ll be able to watch your love handles disappear, just ask celebrity Robbie Williams. Empirical studies indicate that a Vacunaut user can achieve up to 3.5 times greater circumference loss around the stomach area than that achieved with conventional exercise alone.


Ideal for :

  • People starting a detox program
  • Women wanting to reduce the appearance of severe cellulite
  • Men and women wanting to firm skin tone and texture
  • Women undertaking the L250 or S120 program that want to accelerate results
  • Men or women using the Vacunuat that want to accelerate fat burning around the stomach region
  • Men and women suffering from fluid retention
HypoxiDermology (HDC)– An ancient principle, perfected by HYPOXI

Cupping is an ancient application of Chinese medicine which has been used since at least the 4th century to combat the stresses of daily life on the body. Acknowledging its benefits, HYPOXI adopted the technique and developed it into a contemporary and sophisticated treatment.
The central feature of the HDC is the complex network of 400 integrated pressure chambers located around the stomach, hip, buttock and thigh region. The HDC chambers act in a similar way to manual cupping, however in its refined state has a number of advantages :

The highly effective design of the HDC means there no need for direct skin contact. This results in a holistic, non-invasive treatment that simulates a deep tissue massage;
the operation of the HDC chambers during the 20 minute program results in a greater surface area of skin being treated for up to 100 times longer than with traditional manual cupping; and
The operation of alternating high and low pressure chambers acts as the perfect pre-curser treatment to other HYPOXI training devices to accelerate cellulite reduction and targeted fat loss in even the most stubborn cases.

Used on its own, the HDC can improve the skin’s tone and texture. However, the real beauty of the HDC is when it is combined with HYPOXI’s other training devices. Undertaking the HDC prior to either a L250, S120 or Vacunaut session will see you accelerate your results and drastically reduce the appearance of even the most severe cellulite.

Leading Australian publication Grazia is calling it the ‘pro treatment’ if your normal workout isn’t cutting it – click here to read the full article.

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