Hypoxi results
Silvia from Hypoxi Studio Ramsgate shares her Hypoxi experience with us and how Hypoxi gave her a permanent smile on her face! Silvia is also one of our entrants in our Body Blitz Challenge in the running for a luxurious getaway to Club Med Kani in the Maldives.

Hypoxi results
Sally, who attends HYPOXI Studio Bankstown shares her HYPOXI experience with us, including what she likes most about attending her sessions.

Maxine from Armadale tells us about her experience with HYPOXI, why she liked it and how it worked for her.

Penny from Balgowlah, NSW found out about HYPOXI through one of her friend’s Facebook – she saw the results and wanted them for herself!

Carla from Surry Hills, NSW had a hard time finding the right exercise regime that worked for her body – then she found HYPOXI.

Christina from Armadale, VIC talks to us about her HYPOXI experience and how it helped her lose that post baby weight after giving birth to her second child.

Juliana from Surry Hills, NSW wanted to lose her post natal body weight. She tells us how HYPOXI worked for her in shedding away those post baby kilos.

Mother and daughter duo, Julie and Chris share their HYPOXI experience and astonishing results.

The HYPOXI team at Neutral Bay talk to Nicola about her latest HYPOXI experience.

PRIMPED Beauty Editor, Yasemin Turker takes you on a tour of a HYPOXI Studio and shares her own personal experience with this innovative weight loss system.

Today Tonight interviews radio personality, Bianca Dye about her HYPOXI experience.

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