Back Facial

Back FacialBack Facial Maintaining your skin’s health isn’t only about keeping your face clear. Baring a bumpy back can be stressful and back facials can help your skin to glow all over.

If you’re one of those ladies that has back acne, you know the following: It’s painful, it can get infected, and men don’t usually appreciate it. The solution to this problem is actually quite simple… Just try our back facial, or so called bacial,

Back facials treatment protocols are similar to; Acne, exfoliating or deep pore facials but with the focus on the back and not the face. They are exfoliating, de-clogging your dirt-filled pores, and then hydrating your back so it doesn’t regress to its naturally-oily ways. The treatment cleans up any outbreaks you’ve currently got going, and nabs the developing pimples you wouldn’t know were under the surface. It is offered with a back rub enough to lull you into a peaceful half-sleep for the session, which lasts about an hour. The effects will usually last one to three months, depending on the severity of your outbreaks.

Combining a back Facial with a Dead sea mud bath can be an ultimate treat to your back and overall skin.