The maderotherapy is a therapy that involves the application of a massage through the use of various utensils of wood of different sizes and shapes, and especially designed to adapt to different parts of the body. It is considered a holistic technique, able to stimulate and balance the energy, reduce stress, and relieve muscular pains and joint. The use of this therapy, has also spread for aesthetic purposes, since it can also be used to firm and tone the body, and to reduce localized fat and fight cellulite. The maderotherapy already, therefore, applies in many centers, aiming to reaffirm and to shape the figure. Each session lasts about 20 minutes, and experts say that you can see changes from the third session, although they recommend a full cycle of 15 sessions for satisfactory results.


The advantage of using specially designed wooden instruments is to enable intense pressure on fibrous cellulite and the removal of fat deposits together with other toxins.


Breaks down and eliminates cellulite

Speeds Up Metabolism

Lymph Drainage – activates the lymphatic system

Tones & Tightens

Reduces Size

Eliminates Toxins

Fat burning


Introductory* AED 275
Regular Price AED 495
6 Sessions AED 2250
12 Sessions AED 4125
Duration 45 mins

*Introductory session is for you to learn about this massage & to experience its benefits

How it is done?

The technique of Maderotherapy involves a series of movements that are repeated using more than ten different wooden instruments. Applying these instruments to muscles, fat deposits and cellulite, we stimulate the lymphatic system of the body and thereby we release it from accumulated toxins. This release from toxins stimulates the metabolism to burn fat. Also, resistant cellulite pockets are destroyed, the skin swelling decreases and the orange peel syndrome is leveled.

Maderotherapy is not recommended to pregnant women, nursing mothers and the women who just gave birth and do not breastfeed advise them to wait for at least 4 months to restore the hormonal balance in order to have full effect of Maderotherapy. We do not do treatment during the period.

How many treatments do I need?

Each session lasts about 30-45 minutes, and you can see changes from the third session, although they recommend a full cycle of 10 sessions for satisfactory results. Treatments to be preform every day, or if clients is hyper sensitive every other day. Number of cycles / treatments needed depends from client to client.
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