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Sensitve skin

Sensitive skin facial

Sensitive skin can be caused by a variety of factors like environmental damage, rosacea, extreme peels or laser treatments or by natural disposition.  Facials for sensitive skin utilize gentle procedures and hypoallergenic products that are appropriate for irritation-prone skin.  Those with skin sensitivities should not fear the calming effects of gentle facials.  Facials for sensitive skin can improve complexion, reduce inflammation and boost your skin’s immunity which will help prevent future irritations.

What does sensitive / calming facial feel like :

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Expect gentle touch and products with ingredients such as natural fruits and plant elements and sea-derived extracts, which are known to reduce redness. We use light enzyme peels to exfoliate your skin, followed by a soothing serum and mask. Then we conclude with a moisturizer formulated to reduce redness and calm inflammation.

Good to know:

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin facial treatments require a personalized approach, so clients should consult with their aesthetician ahead of time about concerns. A follow-up skincare regimen is also a healthy post-treatment discussion topic.