Most of us wish we could be a little more toned, even when we are working out and eating right. This is because even though our routines may have made us lose weight and feel healthier, they still tend to leave behind clumps of cellulite which can look rather unappealing. Our slimming massage uses a series of sharp, rhythmic movements to break down the cellulite, leaving you with a more toned look. Our slimming massage is performed by experienced therapists who have been trained in techniques to reduce cellulite. The therapist will work on parts of the body that have stubborn cellulite deposits and, through massage, help break it down. A slimming massage also stimulates blood circulation and leaves your body more toned and taut than before the massage. It is important to remember that this massage is considered painful by some, depending on pain threshold, so it would be wise to start with a shorter session rather than a long session, in order to allow your body to acclimate to the process. We also provide bulk packages for those who are looking to tone their bodies and would need multiple sessions.


A Slimming massage can benefit both men and women in the following ways:


Introductory* AED 165
Regular Price AED 365
6 Sessions AED 1,485
12 Sessions AED 2,699
Duration 30 mins

*Introductory session is for you to learn about this massage & to experience its benefits


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