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Weight loss requires special attention, Explore you options at Machka!

Experience the excitement and discover the New You, with a personalised, none medical weight loss program that caters to your body condition, lifestyle, & reasonable expectations! Results vary according to your condition, metabolic rate, eating habits & commitment!

Most of our clients turn to us because they have been;

  1. Exercising with no supervision & can not get the results needed,
  2. Overweight and do not have the proper exercise or diet,
  3. Frustrated with troubled body areas having stubborn fat,
  4. Do not have the time to dedicate to hours of exercise,
  5. Troubled with sagging skin and / or cellulite,
  6. Looking for safe and natural weight loss option,
  7. NOT welling to consider surgeries or medical intervention,
  8. Looking for a supervised strength or body toning program.

Little treat for the loser: You are encouraged to join our monthly Biggest Loser competition.  The biggest loser is selected according to the highest combined weight and circumference percentage loss and she is awarded 2,000 Dhs of treatments on us.

DISCLAIMER: Results attained vary according to your body condition, eating habits, life style, metabolic rate & Your commitment!

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Machka’s Weight Loss Solutions are Custom Tailored to Every Client and Her Needs

We have developed a flexible none Medical program that caters to each client, her specific condition and needs.  We have carefully evaluated result driven treatments and selected equipment that can help us achieve the results our clients expect.

If you are interested in being fit, and desire to have the figure you deserve, then get in touch with us as we can help you.  We will do our job, and we ask that you also do yours… A strong commitment from you to succeed and to stick to the program will help us help you get you there!

Let’s face it, no one has a magic pill that works overnight, and not many ladies are welling to go under the knife and risk medical and surgical complications. However our program and techniques are natural, safe and fun.

Machka Weight loss solutions differ from one client to another depending on her current condition, expectation, diet and exercise habits.  For that each one of our clients is special, and we will treat you that way.

Disclaimer: Results attained vary according to your body condition, eating habits, life style and metabolic rate.

Typically, we combine multiple of the treatments below to get you to the shapely figure you expect;

♥ Hypoxi Exercise – Increase Circulation & Metabolic Rate!
♥ Hypoxi Dermology therapy – lymphatic drainage & Skin tone
♥ Slimming Massages – Breaks fat deposits & releases body toxins
 Thermal Body Wraps – Breaks fat & release body toxins- Full Body
 Seaweed Wraps – Enhances skin tone & texture
♥ Steam room therapy – Breaks fat, reduces water retention and opens pores
♥ Diet advice – Simple diet plan & advise, No Calories count or cabbage diets
♥ Personal Training – One on one strengthen or toning training

Weight Loss Services Offered

Hypoxi – Vacunaut

Ideal for :

  • Apple shaped ladies with excess fat around the stomach and waist,
  • Mums struggling to lose their “baby weight”,
  • Post-menopausal women looking to target stomach fat Defining abs,
  • Professional or amateur competition ladies wanting to regain their hourglass shape.

Hypoxi – L250

Ideal for :

  • Pear-shaped women with cellulite or localised fat deposits,
  • Mums struggling to lose baby weight,
  • Women who do not enjoy the gym but want results,
  • Women looking to get in shape for that special day,
  • Elder ladies or those who have back problems.

Hypoxi – S120

Ideal for :

  • Fit ladies looking to target those last stubborn kilos,
  • Pear Shaped ladies Active recovery – from training sessions, race or game meets,
  • Ladies with stubborn cellulite or localised fat deposits,
  • Women who suffer from fluid retention,
  • Ladies looking for an alternative low impact exercise.

Hypoxi – Dermology

Ideal for :

  • Ladies starting a detox program,
  • Reducing the appearance of severe cellulite,
  • Ladies wanting to firm skin tone and texture,
  • Ladies suffering from fluid retention Combine with L250 or S120 program to accelerate results.

TRX Suspension Training

Ideal for :

  • Developing core strength,
  • Developing overall muscle tone and strong abs,
  • Ladies interested in one-on-one training / body shaping,
  •  Great for supporting overall posture & physique,
  • 60 minutes sessions.

Body Wraps

Ideal for :

  • Ladies who want to accelerate the Hypoxi Dermology process,
  • Getting rid of cellulite & uneven skin tone,
  • Ladies not interested in working out and wanting the lazy way out,
  • Wraps can include Thermal or seaweed.

Slimming Massages

Ideal for :

  • Ladies not interested in any form of workout,
  • Can be combined with Hypoxi and Dermology to intensify the effect & to speed up results,
  • Can target specific body area such as thighs, buttocks, waist..etc
  • A good manual lymphatic drainage treatment,
  • Reduces cellulite & uneven skin tone.

Personal Training

Ideal for :

  • Ladies who want personal training, but not strong enough for TRX Suspension,
  • exercise 60 minutes sessions; one-on-one or in a group of 4 people at max,
  • Can target specific areas or entire body,
  • Provides for overall strength & tone.


Signature Treatments to Consider


Reveal; For fit ladies that have been exercising yet they have a troubled stomach area. Or after childbirth and need to trim to reveal a flat stomach, eliminate love handles or reveal her nice six pack.


Silhouette; For the beautiful lady that has accumulated fat in the midriff, thighs and buttocks areas. Who wants to drop weight and dress size to enhance her overall look and feminine figure. This program offers an overall shaping and exercise protocol coupled with slimming massages, steam room therapy and personal training.


Enhance; For the lovely lady that has a nice overall figure, but is experiencing problems with sagging skin, tone, uneven texture or cellulite. A combination of Hypoxi Dermology, seaweed wraps and sliming massage should do the trick and it will give you the firmer healthier skin you deserve. This may be combined with either of the Enhance or Reveal above.


Maintain; Once you have attained your goals, you should make sure to maintain your gains. We offer weekly maintenance programs that keeps you at par!


Personal Training; One on one and group personal training is also available at our Boutique gym with focus on; weight loss, body shaping and toning or strength training. Discover Machka\’s tailored weight loss solution for FREE and let us start designing your body… Simply fill out the Free trial form and we will get you started at our weight loss studio!