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GK Hair is a US and an international Keratin brand available in more than 90 countries. Not just smooths the hair, but provides fortified protein treatment.

Global Hair Keratin Treatment Dubai – Tame your Hair

Machka’s promise to you is to only offer treatments that are safe and long lasting. We have evaluated numerous Keratin hair treatments and products, and our research lead us to GKhair brand.

Multiple GkHair Keratin treatments are available to you today from Machka including the Best, 0% Formaldehyde Keratin Hair Treatment to tame and manage your hair.  Global Keratin Hair treatment is safe, easily manageable, affordable and it is the Best way to tame and manage your hair.  It rejuvenates while it straightens and strengthens your hair for up to 5 months.


Machka’s Global Keratin Hair treatment improves your hair softness and 
reduces its friction enabling it to better withstand heat, helps make it less prone to breakage and improves the lubricity of your hair resulting in an overall 
better manageability, healthier look and shine.


♦ You can wash your hair immediately after service using GKHair shampoo,
♦ Reduces styling time; you can easily air dry your hair,
♦ The GKHair formula can be customized to offer varying results to suit your style,
♦ It is safe and affordable,
♦ it lasts unto 5 months,
♦ You can maintain the look with in-home maintenance kit.

The Best Hair Treatment is a keratin treatment that smooths hair while leaving it silky and shiny. the best promises beautiful hair for up to 5 months.

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