Authentic Divine Baths

Moroccan Turkish Baths

Moroccan Bath

Indulge in the luxury of our authentic Moroccan Bath. A head to toe exfoliation administered by a Moroccan professional in a steam room, followed by an application of traditional Moroccan mix of black soap, henna & natural herbs to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Your hair is then treated and your scalp is massaged – result pure bliss. The Moroccan bath is done to clean, whiten and soften the skin. Also helps to relax and helps blood circulation, the veins and joints in the body and releases pain & stress.

Turkish Bath

A centuries-old tradition, Turkish Baths promote health and wellness. Machka’s Turkish baths are done in a hot steam setting comfortable to  your liking temperature. Our Turkish bath is the ideal antidote to all those tensions that build up over the working day, banishing every kind of stress. The sense of wellbeing generated by the steam bath is not limited to the psyche. The first action of the heat is that it dilates the blood vessels, which immediately improve the circulation, producing a positive tonic effect. The pores in the skin also dilate making possible deep cleansing of the skin and thorough purification, all of which translates into softer, more elastic skin with a great glow.

Alongside cell renewal the steam in both of our Turkish and Moroccan baths has a soothing effect on skin problems, reducing acne and dermatitis. The Machka’s bath experience makes our daily bath or shower seem like such a trivial and insignificant affair in comparison!